Multimedia & Graphics

Since most of my multimedia is hosted elsewhere, these links take you to the sites with the original pieces.

I’ve recently started making some essay podcasts with Michael Branch, a humorist, essayist, and generally wonderful Nevada writer who does an essay a month for High Country News. They’re nicknamed Rantcasts, since they are taken from his essay series entitled: “Rants from the Hill.”

Rantcast 4: Bumper sticker sloganeering (on possessing environmental bumper stickers in the sagebrush rebel country of rural Nevada)

Rantcast 3: Sorry, Utah (on finding balloon trash on wilderness walks, then sending it out again.)

Rantcast 2: The silence of desert greetings (on Mary Austin and the general taciturnity of desert dwellers)

Rantcast 1: The leprechaun trap (on spending silly holidays with kids, whiskey, and quality lawn ornaments.)

Flow chart (Flow charts are a minor obsession of mine): Can YOU carry a concealed weapon without a permit?

Audio slide show: The Garrison Dam: a history

Audio slide show: Photographer Peter McBride on photographing the contentious Colorado River.

Audio slide show: Guggenheim award-winning photographer Michael Berman discusses how he looks at nature.

Audio slide show: Sound librarian Jeff Rice captures nature’s noises.

Vuvox timeline: California’s water history

Audio slide show: A mobile health solution for kids in Oakland with asthma.

Balancing Act: an interactive map of state budget struggles.

Vuvox timeline: In the belly of the whale – trash in the ocean.