I’m a journalist with experience covering science, agriculture, environment, and in general assignment reporting. I currently report for KUNC, public radio for Northern Colorado. I have also covered climate science as a reporter for ClimateWire, which is part of E&E Publishing. My work has appeared in Scientific American online and in OnEarth magazine. I spent a couple years as the online editor at the independent, nonprofit magazine High Country News where, between maintaining social media, editing, intern training, website duties and podcast responsibilities, I also squeezed in a fair bit of writing, both for HCN and for other outlets. I’ve also worked as a general assignment newspaper reporter in Western Colorado.

Here are some links to my writing.

Climate Change

NASA’s new satellite will watch the Earth breathe

Theory linking Arctic warming to weird weather so ‘cutting edge,’ it’s hard to prove

Boulder’s fight to ‘decarbonize’ shows a ‘perfect community’ can find it exhausting

Targets of climate hate mail rally to support one another

Climate scientists, facing skeptics’ demands for personal emails, learn how to cope

How NASA’s Robert Simmon makes climate science beautiful

Is natural gas more climate-friendly? Researchers map thousands of leaks in Washington, D.C.

Researchers “wire” a forest to decipher how New England’s maples respond to climate change

Lightning may hold the key to better tornado warnings

Food, Agriculture & Water

Feature: Water shortages threaten the U.S. restaurant industry

Feature: Milk and Water Don’t Mix: How a chain-smoking Texan forced the New Mexico dairy industry to clean up its act

Feature: Big Beef – Cattlemen struggle against giant meatpackers and other economic squeezes (5/1/2012 – Nominated for a Livingston Award for young journalists under 35.

Science & Environment

Feature: Weed Whackers: Great Basin scientists unleash new weapons to fight invasive cheatgrass

The mystery of Death Valley’s missing pupfish

Forestry + genetics = A blister rust solution?


Breathing Easy: Asthma group promotes prevention through mobile clinic

Into the Wild: Rue Mapp’s group Outdoor Afro encourages black people to explore nature